Why we sponsor the Young Creative Awards


Here’s something you might not know about Skeleton.

We’re a sponsor of the Young Creative Awards in Nottingham, and each year we judge the film category.


Today we’ll be meeting to judge the video entries for 2015, narrowing down the creativity and skill on offer to winners of 3 age groups, one of whom we’ll put forward for Young Creative of the Year.

Why do we do this?

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Video Worth Sharing - 30th January 2015

Happy Friday. We hope you had a nice week. Why not take a load off and watch this week's selection of videos, brought to you by Ikea, Toronto Humane Society and Canal+.

 We hope you enjoy!

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Video Worth Sharing - 23rd January 2015

Here we are again, another Friday afternoon. Just before you pack up your things for another exciting weekend, why not take a few minutes to stay on top of some of the best web video content? This week we chose videos from OK GO, Netflix, and Vauxhall Corsa. We hope you enjoy!

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Video Worth Sharing - 16th January 2015

We’re sure you have had a productive week, so why not take a well deserved break to enjoy some ads that deserve a little extra attention. This week’s Video Worth Sharing features ads from Burger King, Skype, and McDonald’s. We hope you enjoy!

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Video Worth Sharing - 9th January 2015

Happy New Year

We are back in full swing, searching the internet for videos that stand out from the run-of-mill ads we see far too often. Many people consider the beginning of a new year as the time to improve themselves. That is why we have selected videos from Virgin Active, Weetabix, and Samsung. They just might inspire you as they have inspired us.

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Video Worth Sharing - 19th December 2014

Have a Holly Jolly Blogmas

On the fourth week of Christmas Skeleton gave to me 12 angels reading, Coke balloons floating, and a super techy family. We are winding down for the holidays and hope you are too. Finish your work day with a collection of videos bursting with christmas cheer.

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Video Worth Sharing - 12th December 2014

Ho Ho Ho Merry Blogmas

Week three of the 12 videos of Christmas is upon us. We are searching the internet high and low for the best commercial Christmas content and we think we nailed it this week.

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Nottingham based brand attracts 100,000 YouTube views in less than 14 days


With the help of Skeleton Productions, a Nottingham based workwear brand called Scruffs has struck Internet gold with the launch of its latest online video campaign attracting over 100,000 YouTube views in just 14 days.

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Video Worth Sharing - 5th December 2014

Ho Ho Ho Merry Blogmas

Welcome to week two of the twelve videos of Christmas. With all the incredible Christmas content there is on the web, we decided to pool our favourites and share some holiday spirit.

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Video Worth Sharing- 28th November 2014

Good Afternoon

Welcome to this week's instalment of Video Worth Sharing. As we are approaching the holidays we thought it would be a fun idea to do The Twelve Videos Of Christmas, so you can look forward to three seasonal videos for the next four weeks.

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